DRBA Hitting Competition Champions

Over the past month, DRBA has been challenging our athletes with a hitting competition. Athletes had 10 chances to hit targets ranging from 10 to 50 points with a bonus target that would earn the athlete two extra balls. Once they are done, their total was tallied and compared to others in their age division each weekend.
Our weekly winners are as followed: Softball 12-and-Under winners — Josie Kruser, Avery Finnin, Addison Ploessl and Rachel Eglseder; Baseball 12-and-Under winners — Aaron Cutsforth, Tim Bruner, Mike Bruner and Brady McConnell; Softball 13-and-Up winners: Grace Murphy and Jadyn Swinehart; Baseball 13-and-Up winners — Frank Neises, Brock Henkel and Caleb Paulson. Thanks to all who competed.
On Feb. 26, our winners met and had a competition of champions to see who the overall winner was. Brady McConnell and Addison Ploessl edged over the competition in the 12-and-Under age groups. Brock Henkel and Jadyn Swinehart took home the championships in the 13-and-Up contest.