DRBA Prime Announcement

We would like to thank Perfect Game, Phenom Baseball and other high caliber organizations for helping catapult our program by allowing us to use their names, logos and leadership thus far. We think we are in a Prime spot to make our mark in the game of travel baseball.

We are very excited to say that we are taking leadership of our own Elite teams. We built an 18u team in one month to play in the Perfect Game MLK Tournament and beat the #4 ranked team in the Nation, the Puerto Rican National Team and also the Devil Rays Scout team. That wasn’t a small task but we feel that with our background in scouting and coaching, we can make solid connections with top players and deliver them a quality experience.

We are in the process of designing the new DRBA Prime logo, uniforms, hats and recruiting Elite players from within DRBA and across the nation. We currently have three rosters almost completed and looking to round out those rosters with elite, quality players.

If a PRIME team is something that you’re interested in, we have a couple opportunities to try out for a team. DRBA PRIME will be holding the following tryout dates (if your son has already tried out for a previous Phenom team, he does not have to tryout for a Prime team):

– Thursday, February 24th

12u – 13u: 6pm – 7pm

14u – 18u: 7pm – 8pm

Link to register: https://tms.ezfacility.com/OnlineRegistrations/Register.aspx?CompanyID=5851&GroupID=3129100

– Saturday, February 26th

12u – 13u: 4pm – 5pm

14u – 18u: 5pm – 6pm

Link to register: https://tms.ezfacility.com/OnlineRegistrations/Register.aspx?CompanyID=5851&GroupID=3129097